Getting worse with OA every winter?

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Only just registered, no one is bothered or interested in your pain?

It started at 15? Carrying a rucksack 🎒 of over 25 kg of books every day up and down on the bus over two hours a day and then carrying it either on foot or cycling on your back? another hour in total! prior to this, l was a a ballerina, dancer, runner, very hyper mobile to the extreme.

Emeritus Professor told me mine is juvenile onset. ( On record )

Almost every joint is affected now. No proper support at all given

l am in agony, can’t drag myself up or downstairs nearly

bending is an awful experience, Can’t do it , grabber or children need to help.

relying on Tramadol

even that doesn’t touch the sides

l cannot move initally , when l wake up and my limbs are always numb with pins and needles .

apart from relying on drugs kicking in, l cannot function!

existence springs to mind!

l am in lockdown every day, My life is permanently at home 🏠

l get out if l have to, but don’t, as l find online solutions to try and stay safe?


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    I feel your pain , I’m the same and I’m 53 , I hope been part of this community would give us all the answers to manage our pain, I get no help from my Gp too. I’m new too Loq all the best.

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    Arthritis is a very misunderstood condition and not only by those who don't have it. I began at the comparatively early age of 37 and was immediately lumped in with pensioners (oh puh-lease) . I thoroughly enjoy confounding the know-it-alls with basic facts which contradict their fictions: arthritis comes in more than two kinds, does not only affect the elderly and it does not go away.

    I have psoriatic arthritis and that in turn led to osteoarthritis. I inject methotrexate weekly and humira fortnightly for the PsA and manage the OA (which is far easier to predict) with rest, pain relief and exercise. Any form of arthritis is progressive and degenerative - I began in 97 with one affected joint, now it's many more - and the OA always worsens in the cold and damp of spring, autumn and winter but I know it will and can react accordingly.

    I have never understood why it could be deemed necessary for others to be fascinated and intrigued by my pain because it bores me. When people ask how I am I know they are merely greasing the wheels of conversation and really aren't that interested. My stock reply is 'Thanks for asking, I could be better, pleased I am not worse, now let's talk about you.'

    I inherited lousy genes hence the mess I am in. I am deliberately childless and have always asked for help as that frees my limited energies to do more of the stuff I want to do rather than wasting it on stuff I don't. I have used walking aids since 2002 because they enable me to go further and do more. I have never cared about how I look or what others might think: let them try living my life, they would be crying their eyes out within ten minutes.

    Right, I started changing the bed this morning, I must now go and finish it. My pain relief has dulled matters to their very limited zenith so it's time to seize the day! DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben