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Hello, I’m 33 and recently diagnosed (Christmas 2019). After a decade with palmar plantar pustular psoriasis. diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and feet, and in 5 months progressed to elbows and knees. I’m just glad to find a community that I feel could help. Stay safe all


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    Hello, I too have PsA but without much of the P (which is one reason why it took nine years to be accurately diagnosed). Mine began in my lef knee back in 1997 and is now in all my toes and fingers, both knees and both elbows. I have OA too in other joints including my knees. I inject meth weekly and humira fortnightly which are controlling diseaee activity but the joint damage is done.

    I have to go now, I have overworked my fingers with chores, changing the bed and too much typing. 🙄 DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben