How Do I Prove I Need Help?

I am finding it difficult to get any help from any organisations. Despite being told we can shop on line, or make contacts generally for help, I don’t know how to set about it. My main problem is being regarded as needing a delivery date from Tescos. I am over 70, unable to walk, suffer from various problems such as osteoarthritis fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, IBS, CFS, and like many in our position, mental health issues. Despite all this I do feel I don’t exist and I can’t get appointments anywhere.

Is there anyone who can help me to perhaps get on a database somewhere which allows me to be what I am - disabled - and to get the help I need. Sorry to ramble on but thanks in anticipation of your help. Liz.


  • Eir1971
    Eir1971 Member Posts: 20
    Have you had a letter advising you to shield? If you have, your local council can arrange a weekly food parcel, for this you will need to register on, I got a call about a week after registering to discuss my needs I think you can still register if you havent received a letter. You could also call Adult Social Services, they helped me.
    With regards to Tesco, I called them on 08009177359, was added to their priority list, I didnt have to prove anything.
    Hope this is of help to you.