Help So MANY problems and in pre diagnosis


Sorry this is so long. I'm female 68 and was fit and well when I went on holiday to Sri Lanka in January. But I now find myself with so many issues and in total limbo for a proper diagnosis due to the current situation. I'm so frustrated and struggling at times and wondering if anyone can offer any advice on any of them.

RIGHT BICEP/SHOULDER FEB19-NOV19 I pulled a muscle in the gym February19 in what I thought was my right bicep as that's were the pain was. Eventually saw an orthapedic consulant in September who said the problem was actually in my shoulder! Ultrasound in November showed fluid in the shoulder and was given a cortisone injection and pain was gone in days. Yipee


Went to Sri Lanka on hol 3-17th Jan with no muscle problems anywhere but started to get a stiff neck and on return got much worse. Doc said osteoarthrtis, take ibuproven and gave me excersises but it will take 6wks for them to work. It was agony now with left ear and jaw the worst site.


I am a massive Liverpool FC fan and in February I travelled to Madrid for the away game with Atletico. Still struggling with the neck. Getting into my airplane seat I pulled my neck on that same left side and a piercing pain ran right down my body into my leg. But it subsided. We arrived very late, had a nightcap and went to bed. Through the night I kept getting pain from my left hip to my ankle and in the morning couldn't walk on that leg. But after 30mins hobbling up and down eventually it went ok.

This continued the next two nights and mornings I was there but again disappeard as the day wore on.

RIGHT WRIST On the flight home I struggled to take the tops off two small prosseco bottles with my right hand!! It was a bit painful through the night and on waking the knuckles were all swollen and fingers were bent into a bit of a claw. After a few days it gradually improved with the fingers straightening and the knuckles going down but wasn't really right.

LEGS/KNEES Back to the legs which were sometimes behaving the same in bed but now it was mostly my kneecaps that hurt, not the whole knees but just the caps especially on rising. Walking and climbing stairs were becoming more difficult at times.

It was clear to me now that here were other things going on but as I had the follow up appointment from the November cortisone injection in orthapedics coming up I thought I'll talk to him about it all.

FEB25 ORTHAPEDIC Appointment. I reported yes original problem fine but hit him with my list, poor man. I had also been bitten badly on my neck in Sri Lanka and had been wondering did that have any input. He sent me for blood tests to test for lots of stuff from Dengue Fever to RA. Told me to go to the docs in two weeks and back to him in a month.

I than went to Morrocco on a pre booked weeks holiday but really struggled with all the above conditions which continued to worsen.

On return went the docs who said the hospital blood tests were all negative including RA but could see I wasn't right. So she ordered more bloods again especially for RA which confused me! (Also requested stool samples as my bowel habits had changed and optician app but both showed no problems)

RIGHT WRIST AGAIN I then attended the Atletico home game at Anfield on March 11th.( I'm sure you will have read that over 3000 of their fans were allowed to travel from Madrid were Corona had really started to hit. They were in partial lockdown and gatherings such as football matches were being played behind closed doors. We were advised by our government it was low risk but it should never have gone ahead). Anyway the game ended with us being knocked out the Champions League but it was a very exciting game nonetheless and even went to 30mins extra time. But obviously I must have clapped vigourously throughout as the next day my right wrist had swollen really badly on the ulnar bone. And was very painful and hasn't changed since. I'm wondering now could it be Carpel Tunnel which I had a pioneering procedure for in Dec13 on the same hand and no problems since.

The doctor then called me in to say one blood test had returned and there was definately inflamation going on somewhere but still not what the cause was. She said the RA test result hadn't been received back yet but maybe it could be polymyalgia and wanted to put me on steriods. But she rang the senoir partner and he said no lets wait for the RA blood result but to stop taking my statin(had a TIA 3yrs ago) Then the other blood test finally came back showing RA and an appointment with a rheumatologist was organised which has since been cancelled until ????

10 days later on 25th March was my scheduled Orthapidiac appointment but it was also immediately after lockdown but the consultant rang me. Discussed my old sympoms with a new one added which is terrible pain in my left bicep. He requested an MRI of the head/neck as maybe it's a trapped nerve but said I need to see the rheumatologist with my other symptoms. But to stop ibuproven and take paracetomol. Of course no idea when MRI will now take place.

So if you're still here and haven't lost the will to live I'm now left wondering if I have

Neck/Jaw/Ear.. Osteo or trapped nerve

Left bicep..... trapped nerve in neck or fluid problem in shoulder like last years problem in other bicep

Wrist..... RA or Osteo or Carpel Tunnel

Knees Osteo or RA

Thank you for your patience and if you have time please comment on ANY of the above even if it's only to laugh at my team causing me so much grief. (Maybe you're a rival fan)




  • Hobble
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    Hi Therese

    Unfortunately I can't comment where RA is concerned as I don't have it but with you experiencing neck, jaw and ear pain, whether it would be worth asking for an appointment with a maxillofacial consultant to rule out other possible causes, for example temporal mandibular jaw dysfunction (TMJD) etc.

    I hope things return to normal soon so you're able to get some answers as to what is causing the pain.

    Hobble x

  • Ellen
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    Better Liverpool than Manchester UTD anyway Therese 😁

    You have so much going on! I will not interfere and will let the members reply with any tips they may have. All I can say is this is a very very unique time to be mid-diagnosis I am very sorry you are having everything delayed.

    I am also very relieved to hear you are going to have an MRI at some point on your neck amongst all the other tests your team are being very thorough.

    Best wishes


  • trayored
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    Thanks so much.

    I fear I bored everyone to death but writing it all down helped me 'get it off my chest' and I now actually have a detailed account for my problem for my own records.

    I shall look into TMJD( god another one😉)Hobble


    Ellen do I detect you're a City fan😛☺️

    thanks again