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Hi everyone

I managed to get a telephone appointment with my GP this evening who seems to think that the lower back pain could well be the sacroliliac joint and that what I'm describing as what feels like a lump is more thank likely a knock on effect from inflammation. It's really difficult to describe how it feels as I can see all the other affected joints and can see the swelling - if that makes sense?

Understandably going to have to wait until things start returning to normal before I can get it checked over. The pain is absolutely awful 😩

Trying all the usual things I do to manage the pain but so far it's not really helping. Any advice or suggestions on how to manage will be very welcome x


  • YvonneH
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    Hi Hobble

    You poor soul. Pain in the sacroiliac area is really horrible. Are you in increased pain when you sit down? I would recommend a cushion with a hole in it, like a polo mint, if you don't happen to have one to hand, I made one from 2 soft ish pillows squishing them around so they were under each thigh/buttock.

    If you are on pain relief from your doctor do take it regularly so it works to best effect and ask if there is anything you could top up with, I found I could add paracetamol to mine and again take it regularly. A chemist would help if you can't get back to your GP

    Distraction is good too, so music, tv or a good book, a lot of tlc too

    (((((()))))) v.gentle :) and a couple of spoons

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Hobble
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    Thank you ☺

    Sorry for the late reply.

    My GP has suggested I increase my codeine short term and to take my paracetamol as usual. Rheumatologists has prescribed a six week course of steroids with a tapring off dose and have suggested a steroid depo when they resume face to face appointments. I will definitely look into a cushion and do the pillows in the meantime.

    Thank you for the spoons, they're greatly appreciated as my sleep is not great at the moment and gentle ((((0)))) to you too

    Hobble x