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Hello everyone My name is Karen I’m 58 being living with OA for many years 2 knee replacements 6 and 2 years ago OA in many joints .

how are you all finding it at the moment during the lockdown? sleep is a bit hit and miss and every thing aches not able to get out due to other health issues and I’m shielding so I have picked up my knitting needles and making things for my 7 grandchildren for when we can all get together again today I finished a cat for my granddaughter he’s multi coloured I think she’s going to love him she’s 7 and loves cats .

i hope your all having a good day as much as possible

Karen xxxx


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    Hi @karenann13,

    Welcome to the forum, it's good to have you with us and thanks for asking this question - it's interesting to consider the different ways in which we are all being affected by lockdown. From an arthritis perspective I'm finding that the lack of my usual form of exercise is making me much more stiff than usual - I usually do a movement meditation class and going for walks is lovely, but not an adequate substitute from a physical point of view. I've got school age children so for me life is mainly about coping with having them 24/7 and attempting school at home! It sounds great that you are feeling inspired to use the time to be creative. I'm sure your grandchildren will love their gifts, what a lovely and loving thing to be doing.

    It would be good to hear how everyone else is finding things during this time, the good and the bad.

    @karenann13, hope you enjoy visiting the forum, there's plenty to read, have a good look round and feel free to join in whenever you wish.

    Best wishes,


  • karenann13

    Thankyou Ann for your comments home schooling is difficult my one daughter single parent has 3 children one in year 7 , one that will be going into senior school in September and one in yr 3 it’s confusing for us adults no idea how the children seem to get through but we get to see each other through face time brilliant invention , my other daughter has one at school at the moment with the other granddaughter starting school in September and a 5 month old but she’s luckier that most as hubby’s a teacher .

    its strange isn’t it how just not be able to do our normal walking or exercise has such an impact on our lives and mental health too as well as Arthritis which makes you feel like you can’t get moving at times need a bit of a kick start .

    I hope everyone out there is ok thank you for your welcome stay safe and well

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    I'm taking comfort from the fact that all parents are in the same boat and muddling through. I feel that emotional support and nurturing is more important for children at the moment than formal education, but it's easy to feel that you're not doing enough. FaceTime, Skype and Zoom are all invaluable for so many of us at the moment! They're such a help in staying connected and reminding us we're not alone.

    Take care and good to chat


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    I too am shielding due to my immuno-suppressant meds I take for my psoriatic arthritis and am fully aware that I will be for months to come. Have you had your letter yet? I've had three. I have OA too thanks to the PsA but to be honest life for me hasn't changed that much. I am used to coping with a natural lockdown which is occasionally forced by the disease amd I am exercising daily as I always do.

    I used to enjoy knitting but as the PsA is now in all my fingers that has gone for a burton. When one hobby drops out of the frame I find another and currently I love die cutting, it is just as heavy on the fingers (PsA) and wrists (OA) but it is far easier to pick up and put down, far less repetitve in action and the results are almost immediate! I am deliberately childless so don't have pressure on that front. My PsA began back in 1997 and the OA was diagnosed in 2002 when I was 52, was refused new knees then too despite being bone-on-bone throughout both and now because things are so much worse I won't bother.

    I am not sleeping any differently - it's just as bad as usual. 😂 DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben