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Hi I've just joined, i think I'm just looking for people who understand what it's like, I'm 36 and am 5 wks post op from a total hip replacement, i had the other hip replaced 2 years ago due to osteoarthritis and to say at 34 i was pretty devastated to be told that I would have to have both hips replaced is a under statement, i am very active and have worked with horses all my life and really enjoyed kickboxing before being told after the first replacement I wasn't aloud to do that any more.
Anyway HI, I'm feeling a bit down as my husband is always working as he's a police officer and I'm stuck at home recovering and haven't seen my family since leaving hospital. Just hoping i recover as well as i did with the first op and can get back on a horse soon.
Hope your all ok and staying safe


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    Hi @Kingsmead10

    I am pleased to welcome you to the Versus Arthritis Online community 🙂 also good news that you had your second hip done prior to elective surgery being stopped due to this COVID pandemic. The biggest down must be not being able to see your family and friends while you are recovering.

    I hope you will feel far less so and less isolated now you have found this forum. You are not alone and you will see definitely not alone in being young with Arthritis.

    I hope you decide to stay I am sure you recovery story will be very useful to those who are waiting for their joint replacements at the moment.

    Best wishes


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    Hello, I can't help much as I was refused new knees when I was 52 ( despite being bone-on-bone ) because I was too young. Now everything is so much worse there isn't much point. I have two kinds of arthritis, psoriatic (PsA) which led to the OA.

    I do know from other operations that recovery is a long process and often hard work: it demands patience when we are impatient to get on with things! I preferred spring and summer ops as the longer days and warmer weather certainly enabled a feeling of positivity but the current lockdown, and the removal of some personal freedom, is unhelpful to say the least.

    I guess that because you have been such an outdoorsy person you may not have developed some indoorsy hobbies and pursuits. Now is the time (and everyone has plenty of that) to try some new things, as my arthritis progressed old interests had to be dropped so I found new ones to replace them (as I have just explained to another newbie so forgive me if I don't type it all again, the PsA in my fingers hampers me). DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben