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Hello this is my first posting on this site

I have been recently diagnosed with arthritis of the spine and due to the lockdown have not been able to speak to a physiotherapist yet. I have been a hill walker for many years and my question is, can I continue to walk? I walk most days for between 2.5 to 7 K over a hilly terrain. I do not take any medication at this stage and I am just coming up for my 66th birthday.

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    Hi @DotFraser

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community. This COVID-19 outbreak has caused delays in many people's treatment which is very unfortunate.

    I hope this will help:

    I will leave our members to share their own experience with you now.

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    Thank you Ellen, I will leave my user name just now. Looking forward to chats on the forum
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    My own experience with oa is that exercise such as cycling, water sports etc is positive, certainly helps support my spine and reduce pain. Walking is out for me. OA is not going to get better but positive levels of exercise can help. We all have to find our own level of input, I would suggest that no twisting or bending be done as exercise, concentrate on abdominal and back muscles and that you have rest periods during the week between exercise periods. You will have to react to your OA as it changes and restrict the exercise periods on a constant basis.

    Our minds are a very powerful aid but they also fool us into believing we are better or we can do more than we can, just be wary of your situation.

    its a grin, honest!