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I was very disappointed to read VA help with pain to see the second reason for pain is being overweight. I am sick of being fat shamed by the people who treat me and now the organisation that is supposed to be supporting people with arthritis is joining in. I wasn’t overweight when diagnosed but a life with little mobility has cause an increase in weight. I have pain in knees where being overweight doesn’t help but has this caused my equally painful shoulder? It’s a cop out and a way to deny treatment in an underfunded service. I am disappointed and won’t be supporting any more.....😡😠


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    HI @TwistedSister

    Welcome to the online community.

    I am sorry you are unhappy with Versus Arthritis because they are referring to overweight as being the second most important reason. I wonder if this is where you saw this

    The reasons listed to reduce your pain are not in any order, Exercise is key because of the protection offered by strong muscles so helping avoid OA of other joints too. There are no directive or derogatory comments about weight it is simply one fact among many. I too have had knee pain and know well the fact that you don't need many calories to do not a lot and have felt singled out when my NHS said only people with a BMI under 32 were eligible for knee replacement surgery. I felt particularly sensitive because my shape was obvious to all therefore my weight too. During this time I was using the forum to get help and support and those have always been given in full and with great understanding.

    I will pass on your concerns to Versus Arthritis. If you wish to do the same their contact details are here

    I will send any feedback to you here on the forum. Please continue to post to give and receive help, support and companionship.

    Take care


  • TwistedSister

    Thanks Yvonne

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    Don't shoot the messenger! I am 61 and overweight, if I was told to lose a couple of stone and my pain would go or I needed an operation but would need to lose weight first (this is because very overweight people are an anaesthetic risk) then I would do so although it would not be easy as my OA is so far gone I cannot exercise - and this is a recommendation which really annoys me even more than losing weight. The bottom line is either try to do something about it or try to put it out of your mind. I am a smoker and have often been told by GPs to give it up but I cannot drink because I am on Morphine, I live alone with minimal social interaction even without the virus conditions, have had my driving licence withdrawn due to health reasons so am virtually housebound, so long as I enjoy smoking I will carry on; if this knocks a few years off my life as a result then so be it, it will be a few less years in agony!

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    Hear hear!
    Apparently according to my doctors and hospital specialists everything I have is down to being so overweight!
    Also I'm a smoker,so I'm doubly alienated by society and the professionals.
    I used to be into fitness,did everything from circuit training twice a week,swimming, keep fit class,step class etc. People used to say they envied my body etc.
    Underneath though I'd grown up with eating disorders, due to being a chunky child and family affectionately calling me fatty.
    I abused laxatives as well.
    My mind simply can't go back there, not even to do the simplest diet!
    I tell these people if I had will power still,which I don't, I'd be a slim none smoking human being!
    Give me a break!
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    I find that anesthetic rule so annoying!
    Everybody is different, no matter what size we are.
    I'm clinically obese a 55 year old smoker with asthma and heart failure among my ailments.
    I've had a lot of surgeries and thankfully if anything I feel wonderful after. Feel on cloud nine for days!
    I think it could be the deep sleep maybe it gives me,who knows? My mind never fully closes down normally.
    Just to say though.
    It's not always the case that overweight patients are higher risk with anesthetic.
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    My Mum used to say "If I went to the Dr with a pimple on my nose he'd tell me it's because i smoke and am overweight!"

    They can do a lot of surgeries these days via a spinal block/epidural so not always any need for a GA.

    For me though I feel sick and tearful after them LancsLainey.

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    being a nurse for over 35 years, i understand how frustrating it is about surgery and aesthetics, but they have there rules for medical reasons, that being said, i have been involved in hundreds of operations where it was done under spinal and light sedation and many are done just with injections now. its not just the aneasthetics, but recovery also.

    I have OA and Fibro, it has now stopped me being able to work in theatre as a scrub nurse, i was also refused surgery due to being Overweight, i argued and took it to the medical team at that hospital and had to have the operation at another hospital who had a bigger bed, and after care for someone who was classed as clinically obese.

    I would always want to speak with the hospital team doing the operation, surgeon,anaesthetist and recovery team as to what my options are to surgery and pain relief,before, during and after surgery, then you can make an informed choice with the full team.😍