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Hi Everyone

I have struggled to find an online group to join, until now. My link to arthritis is I'm a carer. The posts I have seen so far are from arthritis sufferers and I hope to get insights from you on how you cope, treatments that have worked for you, how your life has changed but also, what you are still able to do etc, but I am also hoping to connect with other carers; how are you effected, how do you cope and how has your life changed.

Background: My husband and I are in our early and mid forties, he was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in his mid twenties after being constantly told there was nothing wrong with him and we have three boys.

I look forward to chatting with you 🙂



  • YvonneH
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    Hi Delaine,

    How lovely to meet you, welcome to the online community, I'm sure you will find quite a few insights into life with one or more of the autoimmune conditions, there are a few carers here.

    Your husband has PsA and has been diagnosed for a good while, I hope the treatment is working well for you both, you will need all your energy dealing with 3 boys.

    Please feel free to ask questions to help you understand the disease and its effects, it will be great to see a carers objective too, often there can be friction from a lack of understanding by either/both sides, it seems to me that the best partnerships are those who feel able to talk about anything at all.

    I'm sure you will have much to offer if you feel able to comment on any of the posts in the Living with Arthritis section, the café always has coffee, cake and conversation on the go and chit-chat is for anything not arthritis.

    Looking forward to reading your posts soon

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Delaine
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    Thank you Yvonne for the warm welcome.

    My boys are great which helps immensely as my husbands treatment has been hit and miss over the years and is currently very much a miss. I am happy to talk about my and my husbands experiences (he has given permission for me to talk openly about his illnesses and the effects they have. He has always been very private about things that effect him directly in the past) and hope it can help others and hope I can learn something too.

    All the best.