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I have only been diagnosed since February and only had one appointment with rheumatology and they diagnosed osteoarthritis but could be developing psoriatic type picture. I was suppose to be having steroid injections and physio but due to the current times this has not happened.(understandably)
I did recieve a letter to stay home for 12 week which I have done for 4 weeks now. I wonder if I should be staying home but I have followed the letter , thank you


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    Hi @PatsyPJ welcome to the Community.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had a recent diagnosis of osteoarthritis. It can come as a shock!

    The letter does say you are in a group which is ‘extremely vulnerable’ to COVID-19, that you need to shield yourself to stay safe during this pandemic.

    This means you should stay at home all the time with no face-to-face contact at all, except with people who provide you with essential support for at least 12 weeks.

    This is because your immune system might not be strong enough to fight the virus, or because of other health problems making it harder to keep yourself safe. Shielding is the best way to keep yourself safe.

    A number of our moderators are also shielding for the 12 weeks. We all agree, stick with it and we will get there 😃

    Do join in across the community, have a chat and let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes


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    @Brynmor you for your kind comments I have followed the last 4 weeks to the letter so here’s to the next 8 then I hope I can go back to work although it won’t be easy . I work in the nhs not front line I have an admin job but my hands are getting worse I hope once I get my injections it will help 😊