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Starting my exercise journey

Good morning everyone hope you are all well and safe, after another bad night with pain in my hips and knees I woke up early and decided today was a new day! I have just finished some exercises for osteoarthritis which has helped to free up my joints, we have a dog so I already walk every day and I'm going to be careful about what I eat and try to lose weight before the lockdown started I had lost 2 stone and I've managed to maintain it but I'm going to have a new Push to get it going again. So wish me luck 🤞. Have a good day x


  • DelaineDelaine Posts: 10

    Good luck Daphne. With that attitude you will have no problems getting going again. Keep up the positive thinking.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • czkdczkd Posts: 19
    Wishing you all the luck in the world Daphne (not that you will need it im sure).
    You should be extremely proud of yourself for what you have already achieved.
    I too need to lose quite a bit of weight actually and reading your post has encouraged me to get on it starting today. Thank you.
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