How can I keep going?

Hi, I am a 43yr old single working mum, I have to work!!
I’ve had a repair on my knee but was told osteoarthritis was so bad that I need half knee replacement. I pushed this far after paying privately for diagnosis due to the obscene amount of pain I was in.
That was over a year ago... since I’ve had pain injections and I’m now on a waiting list for half/ maybe full knee replacement. Work have had me on light duties for over a year. I’m not in a great place with my pain relief, I take naproxen, codeine and paracetamol spaced out throughout the day. If I take my limit I’m pain free but away with fairies. If I don’t take full amount i get lots of pain. I’m piling on weight as I can’t be active due to pain, which then adds to the problem.
I just can’t enjoy anything anymore.
This is affecting my mental health hugely. 😩
I hope someone has some advice.
Many thanks


  • YvonneH
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    Hello Emma,

    Welcome to the online community, I'm glad you came to us to share your problem. It is entirely understandable that you are feeling like you are at the end of your tether with all the pain and worry you are going through right now, and you aren't alone, I hope that gives you some comfort. We have had a few sign up to the forum in the same situation as you.

    First this pain and your feelings of despair need dealing with. You can get in touch with your GP for non COVID 19 issues, so do that, explain to them how you feel and that you need help for both issues.

    You have done really well talking to your work and explaining about your pain and they have done really well helping you so far. So that's a thing to be proud of, you did it. You are clearly a strong and brave lady and you will get better.

    I see you are concerned about your weight too, for now that is an issue to be written down and put on a shelf to be looked at later. You aren't giving in to it you are prioritising which is a good thing to do.

    Next - have you tried any non medicinal pain relief ideas?

    This is really comprehensive, so take your time and see if any of the ideas could work for you. One of my favourites is heat. I have a 'hot ted' basically a wheat bag that goes in the microwave and then you place it on/around your painful joint and feel it start to relax all those tense muscles. I also have an electric blanket for the same reasons. I get into bed and the warmth helps me relax and even drop off!

    Keep posting, ask anything, we will join you on this road

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Emma
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    It is really nice to speak to people who understand. I will contact my GP and see what my other options are. I have tried hot water bottle on it at night but the extreme pain never eases without strong pain relief. Even the little things like having a day at work and then attempting my stairs at home to use bathroom is a task :(
    My daughter is 15 and helpful but I feel like I’m missing out with her. I don’t remember our evening conversations and I can’t take part in anything with her.
    Feel like my life is at a standstill. I will keep posting my progress.
    Thanks for your lovely response
  • Adan
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    Please talk to your doctor. I understand about stairs - they seem like a mountain when you're in pain and I find that, although it's necessary to do some movement, climbing stairs is time-consuming and very tiring.
  • wazz42
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    Hi Emma,

    You are right stairs are not the thing after a day at work! Do you have a downstairs loo? I was lucky in that department, so I ended up only going upstairs once a day and downstairs once (probably in reverse order 🙄)

    It is often easier to go upstairs on your bottom, or having 2 rails is also helpful. Try to keep your sense of humour.

    Im sure your daughter loves you just the way you are. She will become a more caring person as well as strong as she sees you continuing to work and keep going. What about a pizza or similar night in? Catch a movie and chat


  • Emma
    Emma Member Posts: 4
    I only have a upstairs bathroom :(
    With a bath and over hanging shower which I also struggle getting in & out of.
    I have never been a sick person before but now my knee problems seem to rule my life. It stops me from walking my dog, going out socially and also I’m tired all the time. I just want to be normal again but now my operation seems so out of reach due to current situation.
    Really sucks!
  • Arvinder
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    I have had Arthritis for over 20 years, and my right hand hurts a lot,and try to everything with that hand. I know it is difficult but have to live with it. If anyone has the same problem, please post on this group.

  • Jene74
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    Hi Emma your story is similar to mine with similar medication . I lost my job due to them not understanding about my arthritis and fibromyalgia. I desperately needed to stay in work so got a job within another month . By the end of the night when I was finishing my cleaning on my own I used to cry with the pain and by the time I got home it was so bad I used to feel like both legs and spine where about to snap .I already have a fused spine due to an old injury and now my legs didn’t work well either I couldn’t walk up stairs and the pain was so severe I had to shuffle on my bum dragging myself up by holding on to work tops . In a nut shell nobody understood the doctor was useless and was reluctant to give cortisone even though it helped me greatly . I put on a smile but inwardly I didn’t think I could carry on . I was eventually referred To a specialist who was fantastic and knew straight away what was needed . I do need surgery on both legs as the knees are down to bone on bone but I was given leg braces which where fantastic they needed fitting but got one the very same day and the other 2 weeks later . They are called unloaders and take the weight off my legs they are fantastic and as my work pants are wide in the leg you can’t even see them until I sit down then you can see the hinge . I swear they saved my life after wearing them for 3 months I found there where days when my legs actually felt ok enough not wear if I was only pottering about . It was the surgeon at the elective fracture clinic who recommended them and they changed my life . I still need surgery but am so happy with my braces Iam happy to hold off surgery for a bit longer so I can work for a while longer . Good luck Emma I hope you get all the help you clearly need Xx