My partner has been living with this drug for over 20 years. It's an utter **** much so that it is named in the high risk coronavirus list as one of the conditions for eligibility.
Other forum members should be aware of its toxicity.


  • Sharon_K
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    Hi @Japagow

    welcome to the forums, it is lovely to have you here. Methotrexate is a DMARD (disease modifying drug) frequently used in the treatment of arthritis and as you will know people using it need to have their bloods closely monitored. However I am sure a lot of our members taking it weekly without any real side effects and others do struggle with nausea and are unable to tolerate. Like everything else we are all individuals and it affects us all in different ways. For information about Covid-19 you can see our up to date information here

    Methotrexate is not mentioned specifically as putting someone in the high risk and this is something that sould be checked with your GP or Rheumatologist. I hope your partner is managing at this difficult time. Our forum members will be able to share their experience of Methotrexate with you

    Best Wishes


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    Have been on it for 20 years or so first in tablet form then subcutaneous jab. Have had no problems with it so far.It is strange though that with the pandemic I can with ease wait 6 months for the next blood test, after that it has gone to 3 months.I expect this is for convenience or have I been having monthly blood letting when it wasn't necessary?