IAmA 22 year old female with rheumatoid arthritis. I was diagnosed at 10 months old. AMA!


Short background: I was born in New York, where I was diagnosed. I moved to Florida around the age of 4 and continued my treatment there with the help of my (single) mother. I went into remission around the age of 9, but came back out of it when I was 13. In 2013, I had both of my jaw joints replaced, as well as my lower jaw moved forward.

This is my proof! If you need more, just ask. It was simply the first thing I thought would work!


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    Hi @jaisonmonson

    welcome to the community, we have has a few people on here before who have had their jaw joints replaced, how are they working for you. The forums are a place for you to share your experince and ask as many questions as you like. I look forward to seeing you on the forum boards

    Best Wishes