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Hi I'm almost 40 and for the past 6 months or so I've been having problems with my feet. At first the pain was in my left foot. I saw a doctor at a walk in centre and he diagnosed me with achilles tendonitis and planter facias once I went went and saw my gp he just said it was achilles tendonitus. I saw a physiotherapist and he just gave me exercises. Then about 2 months ago I started with pain in my other foot so I went back to my gp he sent for a xray as he said he thought it maybe arthritis which came back OK and said to see the podiatrist which the first appoint was just a general clinic was given some insoles. I haven't been able to get back in touch with the piodrist but the pain has been getting worse and more contasnt. Where at the beginning it would come and go. so I had a telephone app last week with my doctor. He just said it could be arthritis again. I went on to say that I couldn't cope and it was affecting my day to day life he then basically said I will see you when this is all over and will have a look at my feet again. I really don't know what to do I just take nurpohen and recently bought some cococodmel, using a Hot water bottle and foot warmer used to help more than pain relief but even that's not doing much now it seems to be worse during the day. I did have really bad dry, hard white skin around my toes but I've been using aqueous cream and this has helped I also do have occasional pain in my hands and have notice hard little nobbly bits at the side of my fingernails I am constantly using hand creams to soften them. The pain is around my ankle and all over my feet sometimes it feels like its going up my calf it seems to be worse when I'm stressed. I just don't know what to do next I have been off work through it all


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    Hi @Lisamanc

    welcome to the community. It seems like you have had a really rough time with your feet and that your pain is not really being well managed yet. Without having the support of your GP or podiatrist presently you may want to look at some other ways you might be able to manage your pain we do have a section on the website about mnaging foot pain that might help

    It may also be necessary to go back to your GP to ask for some stronger pain medication, it may be worth discussing this with your local pharmacist as they are indeed very knowledgeable.

    Lastly you might like to phone our free helpline service for some extra 121 support

    I am sure our members will also share their experiences with you. Please let us know how you get on

    Best Wishes