Thumb problems!

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Hello as well as arthritis in my major joints my thumb knuckle joint clicks and sticks it is really painful


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    Hi @Animalover, welcome to the forum, good to have you with us.

    Is the issue with your thumb knuckle something you have already raised during appointments with your GP or consultant or is this a new problem? If it's not an issue you have already raised it's definitely worth doing so.

    There is a useful section on the Versus Arthritis website about hand and wrist pain which includes specific hand conditions, some of which may be possibilities in your case and also tips on managing the pain. Do speak to your GP about it if you haven't already - new developments in your arthritis are always worth noting and no one should have to put up with extra /worsening symptoms without any help.

    A link to the page is here:

    You can search by keyword on this forum using the search box on the left hand side (above the yellow "New Discussion" box); so, for instance, you can search on other discussions about thumb issues, which may be helpful.

    Do have a browse around the forum, there is plenty to read and feel free to join in with discussions as and when you wish - our members are a friendly and helpful bunch.

    With best wishes,


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    If it the joint at the base of your thumb which is causing the problem you may find that braces like these will help:

    I bought a pair on the recommendation of a friend and they are brilliant, it was only afterwards that an OT at the hospital told me she could issue them. So ask your GP for a referral.