Tocilizumab Subcutaneous injections



Sorry to be a pain! I’ve tried everything else from specialist nurses to consultant No Replies!

please can anyone help and give me their feedback on Tocilizumab SC injections I had my first one a week ago and have been really unwell since! I normally have IV have done for the past 55 infusions no problems, few minor side effects but these injections have absolutely flawed me! I’ve never experienced such fierce side effects. Not for such a minor dosage, I normally have 440 for IV over 1 hour and it’s always been the best choice for me as it’s mono therapy due to sensitivity with DMARDS and I don’t need anything else. I’ve been getting, Pain, flares, swollen knuckles, tiredness, massive sinus attack, loss if appetite, feeling anxiety off the scale. Any suggestions would be be welcomed. Thank you x


  • Pmr650
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    NB wondered if I could be displaying allergy to some of the other components that make up the dosage, as I’m quite chemical sensitive and know some of the preservatives they use can cause allergic reactions just the fierceness of them is so worrying! Have not had this weeks one due to sinuses. Was on antibiotics but taken off as I had breathing issues with it!

  • Becky88
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    Good Morning Pmr650,

    I posted a comment about having a reaction to the Tocilizumab injections at the beginning of the month, which you might find interesting. I can't comment on your personal reaction but in terms of what happened to me, I too was ok on the Tocilizumab infusions. However, I was recently changed to the injections and had a bad reaction to the first injection (blistering around injection site, swollen throat, difficulty swallowing) and I have had a very tight chest (affecting my breathing) for 2 weeks. I have been told that it could be a reaction to one of the components in the injection, which would explain why I have been ok taking the Tocilizumab via infusion. I would advise you to speak to your Rheumatology Nurse or Consultant, which is what I did. I have stopped the injections and will return to the hospital infusions.

    I hope that you get things sorted out and that everything settles down soon.