32 Years Old - Facet & Sacroiliac Joint Arthritis - Unbearable


So I have been struggling with back pain for over 20 years, however following the birth of my youngest daughter four years ago it has become progressively worse and now unbearable pain!! I had successful test for nerve block injections which lasted me roughly six weeks, so I was then given Radiofrequency nerve block injections, which were only successful for roughly 10 days before the pain returned. I had another MRI just before the lockdown and my follow up to discuss results and further treatment were cancelled until further notice.

My pain varies day to day, night times have become unbearable, every position I lay in I can wake up with only what I can describe as a feeling of being stuck, unable to move, and after minutes of easing the joints and being able to move, when I do eventually move or turn over the pain in excruciating. Mornings you would think I was in my 70s, once up, even standing can be crippling, walking, sitting, occasional days I can wear my heat back strap and it eases away by midday.

Today I made it round the supermarket before getting home to pain I have never experienced so consistently, it would not go away, I wasnt able to sit, stand, lay anything, crying infront of two kids who just looked at me lost, I resorted to co codamol and naproxen, I avoid co codamol where possible as it makes me faint, nauseous and a feeling of spaced out! Having two children, it is not possible to function properly when taking these so I dont, if i do they are taken when the kids have gone to bed. This is why I opted for the injections as its a more long term one off treatment rather than taking pills everyday.

The pain has mellowed now the tablets are working but I feel so ill now, there is just no balance, I dont know when i will next see my consultant or be given treatment, I am only 32 years old, and cannot 'deal' mentally with the fact my back is like that of a person in their 70/80s, I have days/nights where sometimes I think maybe one day I could wake just unable to move again...

Id appreciate other peoples advice, experiences with similar problems...


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    Hello @Elle08 and welcome to our community. I am sure you will find support and encouragement from our many members, as well as some useful information from the Versus Arthritis website. I read your post about increasing back pain after the birth of your second child and it took me back to the days after the birth of my second child when my arthritis also took a steep curve upwards. The added complication of your cancelled appointments and treatment must make it so much harder for you. It seems like you are taking regular medication, and I'm glad the heat treatment helps in some way.

    Since you have had back pain for over twenty years, I am sure you have tried many home treatments, and could probably suggest to others in the community some self-help treatments. You might find some ideas that will help you in the section on back pain on the Versus Arthritis website.

    Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.


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    Sorry you are in so much pain. Sleep is the biggest issue. You are not alone and we all here can sympathise with you. I was the same with the meds the side effects cam sometimes feel as bad. I sleep around 2-3 hrs ( broken sleep) a night. Never stop talking and telling people how you are feeling and stay strong.