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Hi everyone my name is lauren
Been living with arthritis in my right hip for almost 10 years and just after my 30th birthday they finally decided to put me on the waiting list for a hip replacement , but due to this covid 19 virus I haven’t heard anything and I’m by the twelve week point from my pre assessment, I now having to stay at home and watch my 1 year old son every day plus try and get him up and down the stairs etc , it’s hard going but I get through it !


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    Hi @LaurenElliott

    welcome to the online community it's lovely to have you here. This Covid situation has certainly delayed important surgeries and I am sorry to hear you are now in a waiting game for your hip replacement. It is difficult enough at the best of times without having a 1 year old to look after as well. Let's hope things start to get moving for you soon.

    Please join in and share your experience anywhere you would like to join it. Let us know if you have any question or concerns, that is what we are here for

    Best Wishes