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Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say Hi and i am new to this site, I am 42 and last year i was diagnoised with osteoarthritis in all my joints, my main pain is in my fingers and thumbs, i am on amitriptyline 20mg just been put on 30mg as since i been on furlough from work my joints have been worse. Just wondered if anyone has any ideas how to ease the pains in my joints


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    Hi @funnell01,

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you for saying hello and introducing yourself. I am sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with the pain of your osteoarthritis recently.

    Below are two links from our website with tips for managing pain which may be of some help. The first is on osteoarthritis in general and the second has more specific information on hand pain which may be more relevant for you. I hope you find something in there of use.

    Whilst we cannot offer any medical advice, I am sure our members will soon jump in and share their own tips and experiences with you.

    Please take a look around the forum and join in any conversation where you feel comfortable. The chit chat forum is great place to pop in for some non-arthritis topics to help take your mind off things.

    Best wishes,