I am waiting a hip replacement ncelled due to covid 19

I’m on crutches both legs causing me pain people say once I’ve had the op I will be pain free, I’ve been like this since sept last year but seem to have lost the use of both legs . I am 53 never had anything like this before and had completely disabled me . Is there any one else dealing with something like this x


  • Aj_x
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    Hi Cohen2

    Sorry to read about your pain and discomfort and the fact your operation got cancelled. It must be frustrating for you, but under the circumstances unfortunately its probably something that's out of yours and your doctors control.

    Feel free to have a look around at the other forums especially https://community.versusarthritis.org/categories/covid-19-corona-virus

    I have also put the link for the helpline if you feel you would like to chat to someone or ask more questions but not online: 0800 5200 520

    There is also this link which is on the site which tells you more about it aswell.

    Take care and I really hope they give you another surgery date soon, (as soon as COVID-19) so it would be safer for you.

    Stay Safe

    AJ_ x

  • Liam
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    I’m in the same situation awaiting new hip cancelled now..... I’m 59 with severe arthritis in my right hip & really struggling to walk not able to go for my hours exercise very frustrating I was going to the gym & swimming & doing leg strengthening with low weights but just frustrated now......

  • Jaxx
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    Hi I'm also on waiting list for a new right hip. I had the left one done 18 months ago and after I got over the operation I was delighted to be pain-free but only for about 4 months! Then I started getting pain in the other hip. My main problem now is that I cannot sleep longer than 2 or 3 hours. It's the pain in my thigh and knee which wakes me up. I'm assuming this pain is really coming from my hip but not sure?

  • Dear Jaxx, Liam and Cohen2

    Trying to manage pain in the run up to surgery is often difficult. What's even harder at the moment is the uncertainty over the date for your surgery. I would certainly suggest that you keep in touch with your GP, so that they can assess your pain and support you appropriately.

    If your pain causes you particular worry - then do discuss that with someone medically qualified. Worry is not easy at the best of times, and it can make everyday well being hard to hold onto.

    Research into the pain cycle shows that pain can affect your holistic health - so being able to share concerns and problem solve can be particularly important.

    If you feel that you'd like to talk things over, remember you are always welcome to ring us at the Helpline on our freephone 0800 520 520. We aren't medically trained, but we can listen and we have time to help you explore what's on your mind.

    Even if a phone call may not provide a magic answer, if you feel that you were heard that can be of real value. So do have a go at speaking to us - it's up to you.

    All the best

    Guy, Helpline Team