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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all safe and well.

Query - I have PSA, Asthma, Underactive Thyroid and Fibromylgia. Meds include Methotrexate. Got the 'shielding' letter from my GP at end of March. 3 monthly bloods due end of May. I have not left my home since receiving letter. My Health Centre where I normally get bloods done is closed for collecting prescriptions, all GP appts are by telephone triage etc. is it safe to leave homeand go 'somewhere/anywhere' yet to be confirmed to get bloods done? I have looked online and notice some areas have drawn up a template whereby blood monitoring may be extended to 4 to 6 months etc, dependent upon criteria of meds, patient etc.

Anyone have experience of extensions or getting bloods done during these scary times?

Quite anxious about it tbh.

Thanks in advance for replies


  • Gemthom85
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    My dp told me that if i was shielding then someone would need to attend my home to do my bloods. Might be worth contacting gp an asking.
  • Kazza52
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    Hi there, I have to have blood tests every six weeks as I am on Methotrexate due to RA. My last blood test was on the 14th April and the blood testing facility was moved from my local hospital (to protect patients) to another location. When I turned up in my car I was met by a nurse in full PPE clothing. I was then directed to a parking space in the car park and had to stay in my car with the windows shut until it was my turn to go into the building to have the bloodtest. When I was called in I had to wash my hands in the bathroom located at the entrance and then when my hands were dried I had to sanitise them. Everyone in the building was wearing PPE clothing and I felt very safe indeed.

    If anyone is worried about going out for their bloodtest then speak to your GP who may be able to arrange for a nurse to attend at your home. Stay safe.

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    My last bloods were on 01 April and turned out to be a bit of a performance despite the early promise of a smooth operation. I ended up sitting outside the surgery, on my rollator in temperatures close to freezing, for just over an hour whilst the staff inside faffed, made coffee and chatted: we could both see and hear them. To help the waiting patients they occasionally popped a head through the door to assure us they would not be long but they were being very economical with the truth. My time was for 8.05 and I got in at 9.15.

    My next one is due at the beginning of July, by which time I presume better methods of making appointments and executing them will be in place. I am not bothered by venturing out (it will be interesting to see if I can still remember how to drive) and I will wear the mask they gave me in April. I fully expect to still be shielding by the time my October bloods are due. I will do as I did before, email the surgery's reception and they ring back with instructions; hopefully they will be better behaved at keeping their end of the bargain and not waste quite so much of my time.

    I am not worried about going to the surgery: I shall arm myself with gel, wipes and my anti-bac spray for myself, my clothes and the car. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated. Take care and stay safe.