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Hi, any ideas on exercise to do at home at this time when you have been told to stay in and the ones on tv seem to be for people who can move more easily. And with more space than I have in a one bedroom bungalow. Thanks 😊


  • Ellen
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    Hi @wimblington

    Have you read this I wonder?

    If you scroll down this page there are a couple of short videos mostly stretches.


    I'll let the members chat to you now I know some of them have doing seated exercises in the past so hopefully someone will be along soon 🙂

    Best wishes


  • Lilymary
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    You could try googling exercise routines for seniors, most of those won’t involve too much rushing around, and many will be seated or standing exercises. I’ve tried a many of the exercises appropriate to my hip OA from this site, but find many of them too painful at the moment, but I can remember a lot of the upper body stretching and toning exercises from when I went to “gentle Pilates”, they don't exactly raise my pulse but they do wake the rest of my body up and stops everything cramping up.