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Hello i sm gilly am 54 and not a adult yet because my mum said if i wasnt a adult by fifty i didnt have to grow up anyhow i have had austio arthritis since i was 34 i have a whole host of other stuff wrong with me so i undersatnd pain what i dont have is help


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    Greetings. I have OA, am in constant agony, live alone and the older I get in years the younger I get mentally. I have been building a model train layout for the past 6 months and for some strange reason the other day I ordered a kit of a medieval castle and some knights in armour!! I justified it in my head that it is a birthday present for me as I am 62 at the end of the month.

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    @Gillyhigson y I am not an adult either 😆 Else I might have to stop wearing jeans and I like them :)

    I also have some Osteoathritis as well as an inflammatory one too and a lung condition to go with it.

    I also understand pain like Mike1.

    Do you have any animals? I have a cat called Daisy - also known as Sleek because the vet said i had to keep an eye on her weight. If you do you must have a look at Mike's Pet's corner in chit chat.