Being diagnosed

Hi everyone, joined this forum yesterday. Just like to say I was diagnosed with RA about 6 years ago, and fybromyalgia about 2years ago. I have had cervical spondylitis and OA for nearly 30 years. So living with pain and uncertainty about diagnosis is hard because it can be so hard to decide what is actually the problem. I have had many hospital appts over the years, blood tests etc etc etc and was even admitted at one point, but, I think the not knowing is one of the hardest things. And then the pain, in the night is the worst when it wakes you up, I am sitting with my cat on my lap at present, he is a great comfort. I have had to learn to live with this, so I sympathise with and empathise with anyone in pain , Eaton the middle of the night. Take care and stay safe everyone especially if you have been told to self shield for 12 weeks like me and don’t have the luxury of a garden to walk in ❤️ Jo x