When is the most beneficial time of day to take the prescribed drugs?


Having been prescribed methotrexate, weekly, prednisalone, daily, for my arthritic condition and along with my blood pressure and reflux tablets, daily, I currently take all these with my morning tea and biscuits around 8am.

I have never been advised of the optimum time to take this cocktail of tablets and wonder if I should take these at another time In in the day when they would be most beneficial.

Apart from regular flare ups of fatigue and stiffness each morning they appear to keep my condition of inflammatory arthritis and PMR reasonably controlled.


  • Annj
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    Hi @Tricky42,

    Welcome to the forum. That's an interesting question and not one I know the answer to. I'm sure that if there was a significant difference in the effectiveness of any of the drugs according to particular times of the day they are taken it would be in the written guidelines you receive with the medications. I think it's quite usual for people to take daily medication in the morning with breakfast as the routine makes it easier to remember. But other than some medications needing to be taken on a full stomach or on an empty stomach I'm not sure that there is otherwise an optimum time. I'd be interested to read other peoples opinions though.

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    I’ve often been suggested to to take my meds with my evening meal / before bed as this can alleviate some of the side effects, but if you don’t have any then what works best for you is fine I believe. Keeping the timings consistent is the main take away I’ve had from the many prescribed drugs I’ve had over the past few years.
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    Hi Tricky42

    I know getting to see a pharmacist face-to-face is a bit tricky just now but having a chat with one might be one way to go?

    Is there a clinical pharmacist attached to your GP? It might be possible to have a phone appointment with them.

    Or - contact the pharmacy in the hospital where you have your rheumatology care. I’ve previously had assistance over the phone from mine

    if you can get through to any of these people, they have should be able to give you great advice.

    Good luck 🙂

  • Tricky42
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    Have difficulties in reaching my pharmacist in the current circumstances.

    My logic into the belief that taking prescriptions at an alternative time of day, other than first thing in the morning, may have a beneficial affect on the lethargic feeling I have first thing in the morning and so getting mobile more quickly as the drugs would still be working over the 24 hour period.

    I'll have to give it a trial for a limited period.

    Thanks for your comments.😃