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I am new to this forum. I have PMR & oestoarthiritis. I have had PMR for 4 years now & newly diagnosed with oestoarthritis. I am 59 & work part time in an office. So glad that arthritis is being brought to public's attention. More research needs to be done!


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    Hi Lizzy,

    Welcome to the forum, hope you'll be very happy here.

    its great more research is being done, I agree.


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    Hi @Lizzy56,

    Welcome to the forum, it's good to have you with us.

    I'm sure being newly diagnosed with osteoarthritis you probably have questions and have been doing some research yourself. Hopefully you'll find this forum useful and it's also a friendly and supportive space to be.

    We have a useful section on osteoarthritis on the main Versus Arthritis website, here:

    You can also search by keyword through the past discussions on the forum, using the search box on the left hand side, above the yellow "New Discussion" bar. Feel free to ask questions, or just to browse and join in if and when you feel like it.

    Best wishes,