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OA in both hips at 28! No explanation

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with OA in both hips (only MRI on left that came back moderatly severe) Due to emigrating to another country I cannot visit a doctor until my vis comes through next year and my doctor in the UK was pretty awful (surgeon not a rhumatologist) he basically said it is what it is and gave me no reason for BOTH my hips being knackered at such a young age. Iv always have crunchy knees and this is not making me worried I have it in my knees too. I work in construction and I am so scared I will have to stop working one day.

Anyone know how long you can go with severe arthritis and fend off a hip replacement? anyone have any guidance as to reasons behidn it?

Hope you are all well



  • EllenEllen Posts: 246 mod

    Hi @rcnz Russ

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis Online Community from myself and the Moderating Tea.

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of Osteoarthritis at 28 and the unhelpful attitude of the surgeon you saw.

    This is some information about hip Osteoarthritis:

    I will leave our members to reply with their own experience.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Russ

    I’m 33, was diagnosed with OA in my right knee at 31 but was showing all the symptoms at 24 so was also young to experience it. I’ve also had the clicky joints for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it’s something available where you’re living but I had something called functional rehab with a physio therapist (it was available on the NHS where I live). It was essentially a series of gym sessions with a physio with the focus on building muscles around the joint to support and strengthen it. Although my knee will never be perfect over the course of those six sessions the pain improved dramatically and the exercises were things I could do at home or in my own gym. In all honesty, the pain and the instability aren’t what they once were and I’m sure it’s down to this.

    Essentially, you can’t undo the wear and tear but you can manage the symptoms and slow down and further degeneration.

    Good luck!


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