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Hi my name is Lesley. I've suffered from arthritis for 8 years now and it doesn't get any easier. I'm 51 and got a new knee replacement 4 years ago. It hurts like hell. I've now got it in my hand and elbow. They are both deformed. My specialist has had me on all sorts of medication to which none has worked. I've recently received my prescription to start on leflunomide to which I'm putting off at the minute as I have to have my bloods checked on a weekly basis. Is anyone else using this and how bad are the side affects.


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    Hi Lesley, welcome to the online Community. Its great to see you here.

    I can see that you have serious problems with arthritis in your joints giving you a lot of pain. We do understand what it is like and how difficult it can be to cope with it all.

    Our web site has some good information on leflunomide that might be of some help. This includes a section on side effects and what you need to do if you have a bad reaction.

    Hopefully, members who have experience of taking this DMARD will be able to provide additional help.

    All best wishes


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    Hi Lesley

    I see Bryn has already welcomed you to the Online community.

    The information he refers to is here you can have a look while you are waiting for people to come along with their own experience:

    best wishes