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Hi everyone im new here hope your all coping. Im waiting for a hospital appointment for back surgery as due to arthritis my lower disks are being sqaushed. Ive had arthritis for 10yrs and have it in all my joints but my spine is making life unbearable just now. Has anyone had back surgery and can you give me any advice that might help. Its nice being amongst people who understand my pain.


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    Hi @Janejr, welcome to our online community. I'm glad to hear that you're in line to have back surgery - that should make life more bearable for you.

    You might find the following link from the NHS website useful while you're waiting to hear from other forum members:

    I look forward to hearing how you're getting on.


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    I have compressed discs at the base of my spine plus a detached disc in my neck, allied to Degenerative Facet Joint Disease and OA; I was referred to a Neurosurgeon 10 years ago who refused to operate on the grounds that there was too high a risk of paralysis. Good luck with your surgery, I hope all goes well.

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    Hi @Janejr

    I have had back surgery. I had had back problems for 20 years by the time it was finally done so painful being in the middle of you everything you do sets it off ((())@ I was at the time single parent to two young girls I remember it all too well. I had two very badly herniated discs (70%) and a small bone fracture. In those days it was quite a big op - can it be keyhole now??? You'll know more than me!

    I had no choice as I had 'lost' one leg and it wasn't coming back without surgery my surgeon feared ttal paralysis without it. It did come back though almost totally - part of my foot is numb as is a part of the back of the same knee and a bit of b*m cheek. So l would say a success.

    Preparation is probably key and I didn't have time it was a bit of an emergency thing to be fair. Sort out clothes which are easiest to put on and take off. Practice with a sock putter-onerer (don't know the word) and pick up stick. Get in easy light weight microwaveable food. Borrow a raised loo seat if you don't already have one. same shower seat.

    Erm and yes find some films/box sets to watch on TV while you recover. I was advised to sit a little stand a little and walk a little, but pain killers meant i slept a fair bit too.

    The recovery was fairly tough, but i can honestly say i do NOT regret it 🙂

    Any questions do ask!