Having horrendous increase in knee pain

Hi I have been living with arthritis in both my knees for over a decade. I have had the odd flare up which has been dealt with by naproxen and topped up with codeine if needed.
I have had hydrocortisone injections which helped a great deal and removed the need to take codeine.
I had the last injection on my left knee in January but it did not help this time in fact my knee pain has increased so much that not only is it painful all the time it is agony at night. I now take double the amount of codeine but even that wasnt enough for night time I now take oramorph at bedtime!!
I am scared that when lockdown is lifted I will not be able to go back to work as it involves going up two flights of stairs. Worse the office is upstairs but the toilet is down!!
I have not seen a GP through all this just phone calls. I think it needs xraying urgently as it seems to have gone from a quite liveable 3 to an unbearable 10 in a matter of a couple of months. I know there is a lot going on out there but how insistsnt should I be with my GP?


  • Kazwilli50
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    Thank you Alan, I will look forward to hearing from the team. Your comment was really helpful I have put off attending A&E because of the current situation, but with primary health care being in virtual Lockdown it maybe my only option.
    I am particularly worried about the speed of the pain increasing and the fact that it started to get so acute after my last hydrocortisone injection.