Is crocheting good for my hands?


Hi everyone,

Just after some advice.

I have RA in my hands which is making things a bit difficult and painful at the mo, I’m in the middle of a flare up.

I love to crochet but can’t decide whether its helping or making my hands worse! It loosens them up whilst I’m doing it but after I stop they go back to being stiff and painful.

Im not sure whether the current climate and work (I’m a nurse) are causing the flare up but crochet helps me relax. I do use a heat and cold to help and do hand exercises but try and avoid pain killers unless I have to.

Any advice or thoughts would be great.

Thanks x


  • BettyMac
    BettyMac Member Posts: 209

    Hi Sasha

    Something else has just occurred to me.

    What type of crochet hook do you use? After a bit of trial and error, I found some with fat, plastic handles. They’re much easier on my hands than the conventional thin, metal ones. They’re called addi swing


  • Sasha
    Sasha Member Posts: 8
    Thank you Betty Mac
    I probably do crochet for too long so will try not to over do it. I’m currently trying my hand at a shrug but have done a few blankets, hats and I’ve even made a dress.
    The Danish buildings sound interesting, they’d make a great blanket
    Maybe I should try knitting, although not sure I have the coordination for two needles :)

    I use the clover hooks which are flat but have a wideish handle, I did wonder whether a fatter hook would be better. I’ll have to have a look & buy more crafty bits, shame!

    Hopefully work & stress will settle and things will improve, the hand exercises I do really help.

    I’m seeing the rheumatologist in June (hopefully) so I’ll have a chat about it all.

    Thank you for the advice xx