Staying healthy and safe on Biologics.

Hi all.

I hope everyone is safe and well.

I'm Amy. I recently joined the site and have been blessed to have spoken to really amazing inspiring and supportive fello RA sufferers.

I am week 3 of Benepali biologic medications and I have been transformed. I was at a point in life where I was unable to move, sleep or do anything. It was effecting every aspect of life and work and started to impact my emotional health.

Starting Benepali has litrally given me a new start.. I just cant believe it, I am feel ing so amazed. It's still not sunk in yet but I am so over the moon.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any tips or tricks/advice for staying safe and healthy in general life?

I am a child protection lead in education so I am surrounded by children and young people, not to mention a close office environment with colleagues. I am starting to wonder how I might be able to realistically reduce my risk of infection/colds ect given the suppressed immunity from the meds?

Any thoughts super welcome ;@)


  • Bluebell7
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    Hi Amy,

    Welcome to the forum, I'm so glad to hear how well your doing.

    Take Care

  • dreamdaisy
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    Current covid hand hygeine levels merely reflect our normal amount of handwashing. When I was teaching it was on a one-to-one basis and my clients soon learned when to reach for the hand gel, wipe down kit with anti-bac wipes and when not to come for lessons.

    I keep away from people who are ill - I have been known to arrive at a dinner party, host says they have started a bit of a sniffle, I turn on my heel and go home. As we are slow to produce symptoms we do not know we are ill until something has a real hold.

    In pre-covid times I would wipe down restaurant tables, cutlery which had been left out on a set table, open doors using a wipe etc. I am shielding but maybe you are not: in theory you should be. Any shopping that comes into your home should be cleaned, post too. When my husband returns from our fortnightly food shop he puts his clothes in the washer and himself in the shower. We are also practising social distancing within our four walls. He is determined to keep me well, bless him! I inject humira and methotrexate, I have never had a med work like benepali has for you, it must be lovely. We rarely hear from people like yourself, it can be hard to big up the meds when one's experience hasn't involved regaining anything. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi DD, thank you for your message.
    I am really sorry yo hear your meds arnt having more of a positive effect.

    Personally I found methotrexate to be horrible.. it just gave me unbearable side effects with no positive outcome. Having had many different meds over my 9 years, I am delighted to have found benepali.

    I'm still only week three into Benepali so I'm of course cautious but my pain started to reduced after two hours of the injection and has just reduced more since.

    Have your consultants looked into another biologic for you?

    Thank you for the tips on staying safe.. it dose concerns me when we return to normal life.

    I am isolating too and have been for 9weeks now.. luckily due to schools I dont think I'll be back till September. My partner is practicing social distancing and is very aware. We are not SC at home as it is just us. I will invest in 70 %hand gel and wipes for my bag, car and work space once life returns.

    Thank you again ;@)

    Stay safe x