Bilateral hip dysplasia

Hi was wondering if anybody else has hip dysplasia with osteoarthritis. Docs think I was born with the dysplasia and lucky enough that never had problems with throughout my life but in last 5 years has come to effect me now that I also have widespread arthritis. I do the exercises that physio team recommended but at times it can almost become unbearable. There been no mention of hip replacement yet but do you think this will be the final outcome. ??


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    Yes, I‘ve got bilateral hip dysplasia and it is so unbelievably painful.

    It runs in the family and I have inherited it. The left side got replaced 5 years ago and it made all the difference. But it wasn’t an easy journey. My then GP refused to send me for an x-ray and when the dysplasia was finally diagnosed, he still refused me the visit to a specialist and said I was too Young for replacement, but I got it in the end, which gave me my life back.I know, I will probably have to have a revision at some point.

    But now the other one is so painful that I can‘t sleep or walk more than half a mile, but doc says, no chance to get it sorted during the corona crisis. So, on pain killers again and the crutches on stand by. Trying to make the best of it, but my active live has yet again come to a halt.

    I wish you all the best and hope things will work out for you

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    Hi I have hip dysplasia and had a PAO to realign my pelvis over my joint when I was 40 too late 5 years later having a thr next month.. I would ask about PAO if the arthritis is not too widespread