I take 25mg of hydrocortisone a day for addisons disease am also type 2 diabetic which is diet controlled do I have to shiel


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    Hi Pricey,

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    With the post being in the COVID-19 forum have a little look around the forum and other posts and see what other people have put and your question might have already been answered.

    Also your best bet could be to contact your GP and ask them as they will know your condition better than anyone.

    In the meantime I have put up the link to the Versus Arthritis Community Website and the Helpline Number if you would like to speak to someone in person.

    0800 5200 520

    Hope you manage to find the answers to your question and come back to the forum soon. Stay Safe


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    I am shielding as the two medications I take for my psoriatic arthritis suppress my immune system - I am not a doc but a quick look at the treatment of Addisons also mentions this aspect of hydrocortisone tablets as they are a steroid. For your peace of mind I think you should get proper medical advice on this, preferably from your GP, as we are not qualified to advise. I presume you have not received a letter as yet? DD

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