Wear and Tear


Is there anyone who has been told by a GP or physiotherapist that osteoarthritis is not "wear and tear"? It is, in my opinion, a dismissive and inaccurate term.

While initial damage might be physical, according to more modern research further catabolic degradation of cartilage is caused by inflammatory cytokines etc. The current treatment is mechanical joint replacement for a problem that is mostly biochemical.

Has anyone had experience of treatments that promote cartilage regeneration? E.g. microfracture, stem cell therapy, chondrocyte implantation.

There are also economic arguments favouring regenerative therapies compared to surgery such as joint replacement and so perhaps patients and organisations should be campaigning for more speedy research into these treatments?


  • Daphne
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    I've never heard this before, it's very interesting and I agree it should definitely be investigated x
  • distantshores

    Hi this sounds interesting. I have not heard of chrondrocyte implantation or microfracture so I will do some research. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the right hip 10 years ago but have been able to manage it until very recently using a combination of supplements and exercise. Since diagnosis I have taken supplements and exercise which has enabled me to do more or less what I want ie travel all over the place, work and so on. Unfortunately I tripped and fell a few weeks ago and instead of resting I carried on which has resulted in being unable (almost) to bear weight on right leg and a trip to A & E. Needless to say the x ray showed severe degeneration and based on the x ray alone I should have been in agony which I have not been until recently. I am hoping this flare up will calm down and I am looking at alternatives to hip replacement. Inflammation seems to be a key factor in osteoarthritis .

    I have looked into stem cell therapy but I think the degeneration is too advanced and I am too old to be given this but I will look at the other treatments you have mentioned. It would be good to hear from people who have undergone these treatments.


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    Two past members, many years ago, tried this. One guy, surge, went to the States and spent a few thousand pounds on some kind of stem cell treatment. Nothing improved. A lady whose name I forget took part in a trial for, I believe, cartilage stem-cells and agan nothng improved. Neither has posted for years.

    We rarely hear from people who are doing OK with their meds and arthritis, they naturally assume it is the same for everyone: wouldn't it be lovely if it was?

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Putting "stem cell" into the Community search box brings back an interesting list of previous discussions regarding this topic: https://community.versusarthritis.org/search?Search=stem+cell


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    How many OA patients have had blood tests for inflammatory markers (CRP etc).?

    How many with OA have low grade inflammation?