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Well, a new catch phrase, I wonder if that will do anything to stop the virus - I doubt it. I fully expect a second wave of the virus hitting in a fortnight as more people go out and about. Personally I will be staying at home as usual, not that I have much choice anyway. We used to have a saying in the forces "Be Alert - Your Country Needs Lerts"


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    I vaccine will be a long time coming , atleast 18 months , they wont know if it works until the autumn & then need to make 7 billion of them , dont recommend catching it , not great & looking at our PM he still looks very ill

    Mike , here in Cornwall they are doing well until all the tourist come down & the second home owners who can drive anywhere now , take my advice ( stay safe - stay at home & catch the bug , works for me )

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    Agree with you mate. Went to the village shop for milk this morning and a couple more emmets have made it down already, talk about arrogant!

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    I agree with the posts. Allowing a relaxation on Wednesday will see people getting in their cars and going for daytrips to the seaside, country parks, etc and how long will it be before you see large groups of people having picnics and barbeques and the police unable to impose the fines which have been increased to £100.00 due to the large numbers. If these places are packed then the social distancing measures will be meaningless and it will only be a matter of time before there is a second spike in the virus. These people are selfish and they should consider others. Stay safe.

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    I live in a tourist hotspot too. Apparently the camper vans and caravans are on their way, despite guidelines saying “day trips from your home only”. The arrogance and rudeness of some of the visitors and second home owners is staggering, if the locals are staying home, Surely the visitors should get the message? All we can do to avoid the damage they bring with them is stay home even longer just to avoid them. I know so many people round here who are shielding or self isolating because of visitors, this is deeply unfair.

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    I think it is more than unfair, it is verging on being inhuman. Cornwall only has one main hospital with only one ITU, currently about 2/3rds of those inpatients with the virus are from out of the County. Although the Police have been monitoring the two main routes into Cornwall there have been substantiated reports of people travelling at night along minor roads to get down here; a few weeks ago there was a car crash in the North of the County in which an 83 year old local chap was killed, the other driver was inured and taken to hospital. It turns out he was from out of the County and unfamiliar with the back roads. People have also been driving down but have sent their luggage down by courier so that if they are stopped by the Police they are just out for a drive! And one of the most arrogant of all is Gordon (bleep, bleep) Ramsay who moved his whole family down to his £4 million mansion and has since been having parties and has been spotted all over the County, he has received a reprimand from the Coastguard but nothing else has happened to him apparently. He has been putting photos on his social media but at the same time has put out a video telling people to stay at home.

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    Many people who live miles from suburbia have no conscience about driving to suburban supermarkets, further lengthening already long queues, when they could simply order on line and have it delivered to their doors. However it is most probably them who rant about someone living in an inner city apartment with no outside space driving out to the sticks for an early morning walk when they have it almost to themselves, such is life. 🙄😏

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    I am not on about people going for a walk in the countryside my comments, and those of others, are about second home owners and holiday home owners who are ignoring the Government rules designed to lessen the spread of Covid 19 and putting unnecessary pressure on a County with a small NHS provision and jeopardising the health of a community who have a higher than average number of high risk residents. Being virtually housebound with no car (driving licence withdrawn on health grounds) I fully empathise with those locked in flats with no outside space, especially if they have children, and understand that getting outdoors is good for both their physical and mental health. However, we are all in this together and need to do what we need to do to ensure that the virus is negated as soon as possible. As for on-line shopping ...................................!

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