Nerve pain electric shocks and Gabapentin

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Bit info first I keep it short as possible. Have severe RA since 25 years many joint replacements now osteoarthritis and spondylitis too. Had neck surgery 3 weeks ago to remove bone that put pressure on nerves. Anyway about 6 months ago I started with like electric shocks in my legs then legs and arms. Whole body except head.i changed to softer mattress which helped a few weeks then shocks came back. They are very painful they leave me breathless and they last hours nonstop. I tried amitriptyline but made me very unbalanced had few falls and lost feeling more and more in all body ended up not being able to walk at all and had to be fed. Being changed to gabapentin morning and evening 100mg very low dose and now have same issues again . Electric shocks gone but cant walk etc all numb. So I believe I have a very strong reaction to something in those tablets. Dilemna as on my own and cant even stand up to use commode without help of best friend who luckily is as well my neighbour and here when text and also does everything like washing me meals etc but without tablets I have electric shocks nonstop with terrible nerve pain. anyone else had those extreme side effects?