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Hi, I am new to the site. Please could someone help me with a problem I have. My son lives with us, and he has a son who lives with his mum, before the Covid arrived we were having our grandson to stay every week for three or four days, he is 30 months old, and a little angel. When the first letters for Covid went out , I did not receive one, so I phoned the rheumatology department, and the nurse said that I was not on the high risk scale, I am on a once a week injection of Benepali injection, Omeprazole, Levothyroxine,Sertraline, and Losarton!! . So at the beginning I still had my grandson to stay.then after about three weeks I received the shielding letter, so I was rather confused.

We have not seen our grandson for 5 weeks, so it’s been difficult, as he is asking for his dad. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and it’s all becoming quite stressful. Should I ring the rheumatology department again? I hope someone can help, thank you From Debbie.


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    Hi Debbie. That's a pretty difficult problem in a very confusing and worrying situation.

    The letters were issued in a series of rounds as information was collated from different sources over a period of time. Your shielding letter should be one that specifies that you are clinically extremely vulnerable and so need to follow strict guidelines - this includes details regarding living with other people.

    The full detail of this Government Advice can be found here:

    It is really quite a stressful situation. If you need to talk to someone in full confidence, please do ring our free Helpline: telephone 0800 5200 520 Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm. They will be more able to answer your questions rather than a busy rheumatology department.

    Do let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes


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    Many thanks for your advise, the rheumatology department phoned me yesterday, I must admit they are very good. I will let you know how I get on. Best wishes Debbie.

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    Hello Debbie..
    I am in the same position so understand how you feel, these are such hard times to be going through..:(
    We have our son living with us and used to have his daughter age 7.. 3 times a week ,sleeping over at weekends..it is painful not seeing her,we have to facetime.. not the same but its something.. our son has had to do the same..I think we all need to keep each other safe,then when the time comes it will be more special.. if you need to talk I am hear xx
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    Thank you so much for your reply, sorry I have only just got back to you. I think there must be many families in this situation. I have been in contact with the rheumatology department, who have given me advise, I am on biology injection once a week and blood pressure tablets. It’s so difficult as my grandson is only 30months old, it’s very hard to explain why he has not been able to come. Watching the news today, it seems totally strange, they are going to let total strangers into someone’s house to view. When Covid arrived I spoke to the rheumatology department, and they said I was not at high risk, so our grandson came for a few days. Then I got the shielding letter. I have stayed in, and we have had the shopping delivered. Have you spoken to anyone about the situation. Have a good evening, take care Debbie.