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Hi. I’m Helena, wife to M who was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in November 2018. Started on Methotrexate and was doing really quite well for about 6 months until he developed a really nasty infection in his liver and Femur and was hospitalised for 6 weeks. Was taken off Methotrexate and put on to Sulfasalazine and Leflunomide. He’s not doing well, been on Sulfasalazine for 4 months and Leflinomide for around 4 weeks. Had a steroid injection in his left knee last Thursday which gave him just 2 days of relief! Constant pain and stiffness, can’t open a tin or carry a cup of coffee. Can barely use his hands at all to be honest and been housebound for months. Basically I need someone to reassure me that this isn’t how it is now and he will be able to function and get at least some of his life back?


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    Hi @HelenaM welcome to the Online Community.

    I'm sorry to hear that your husband is doing so poorly with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Steroid injections often don't provide any long term relief but having it last just a couple of days is sad news.

    There's lots of information available on our site that may provide some help to living with arthritis whilst working with the health care team to bring some form of control back into the situation. We have many people here who are both going through flares or struggling with current problems that will be able to suggest ideas. We all understand what it is like to live with difficult symptoms.

    You might like to look at our page on Managing Your Pain which contains a good section on self help.

    Do let us know how you are both getting on and join in across the Community, call in for a chat or just as a place to unload difficulties. If you need to speak to someone in complete confidence, do get in touch with our free Helplines on 0800 5200 520 open Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm

    All best wishes


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    I am so sorry your husband is struggling so much at the moment. Hopefully they will find the right medication regime for him and life will be much much better than it is now.

    I thought my life was over too at the beginning, but once the initial flare settled and meds were sorted I have my life back. Not the same as it was some changes admittedly, but a good life a fun life and a useful one too.

    COVID is really not helping because often while they are sorting out the drugs combo they give you a course of oral steroids to ease symptoms and i know they make us more vulnerable to the virus so maybe that;s why no-one has suggested that to your husband.

    I am so glad he has you to support him and care about him at this tough time.