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just joint here yesterday finding my way around ...I was informed 3 mths ago that I have Arthritis ,(thats note easy to spell ;- )on my hips

I live in Germany since 1995 ...

Any way I have lots of questions about this sickness as my local GP does not give me any advice apart from and this is not a joke " I should take wine gums and gummy bears for the pain " and write alphabet letters in the air with my legs

Any way I don`t wish to speak bad of any one here But I will be changing my local Dr soon

As you see im new here and need some starters advice .....

I have lots of questions and the 1.st question is will I always have pains ?

Do i have to take pills/Pain killers ect all the time ?

any help would be helpful

Im doing some stretching exercises from my physiotherapy trainer, that I force my Dr to transfer me to for pain releive ,

sometimes I over do the excerises and that causes me pain , Im starting to learn now to go slow with my execrises and do less every time /Session) but more sessions every day ,together I have about 45 mins excerises and was doing this 1 or 2 times aday ,

Now im only doing about 4 or 5 mins excerising/Stretching ...but some thing like (at the moment 3 or 4 times aday ,)

this seems to help with my pain ,

Thank you for listening /reading I hoping some one can advise me and I hope if i can also to help if I can

Many Thanks



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    Hi Emmanuel

    Lovely to meet you. Welcome to our lovely community from me.

    Your English I must say is excellent!

    I am so sorry to hear about your arthritis, (is is Osteoarthritis?), in your hips.

    Most of us do need to take painkillers fairly regularly yes unfortunately. There are two main types painkillers like paracetamol and anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen. Your Dr can prescribe stronger pain relief and a lot of us also take PPIs proton pump inhibitor to help protect our stomachs as Anti inflams can be hard on our stomachs. They give me bad belly ache so I take lansoprazole as well 😕

    I am so glad you are seeing a physio they are very useful people to know and know far more (in my opinion) about arthritis than General Practitioners Drs.. You have learnt the hard way not to overdo it though I see!

    Have you tried heat? Those wheat bags you warm up in the microwave can really ease sore joints.

    Over time if things get worse some of us have steroid injections into our joints which works really well for some.

    Even further down the there are surgical options available too.

    Keep talking Emmanuel it's the best thing to do get informed 🙂 and get a good DR!!