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Hello everyone I'm a new member so just introducing myself I have quite a few Health problems as well as Arthritis

one off the the thing's I suffer with is Cervical & Spinal Stenosis which causes me a lot of problems with standing walking most of the time I use a wheelchair but I can stand with the aid off Crutches' but I also have C O P D so that does not help with the walking, so I hope I can help with any questions you have and I'm sure some one will be able to help me when I need it.


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    Hello @stokeL , welcome to our community. I'm sure you'll find help and support from our members who are all affected in some way by arthritis, and how kind of you to offer your support.

    Cervical and spinal stenosis is a debilitating condition that can cause problems with standing and walking. COPD must make it even more challenging to walk. You might find the following Versus Arthritis link useful - it gives more information about the condition and suggests ways to manage it, including gentle exercises to keep moving:

    Have a look round the forum and see if there are any chats you'd like to join in. We're very friendly!

    All the best, and I look forward to hearing how you're getting on.


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    I'm also new. I have end stage OsteoArthritis and I'm awaiting a total hip replacement.

    Initially I was directed to using Apos therapy which worked a treat in the summer months, but has done less and less over winter months. I was sceptical about it but it does work. It also keeps my leg muscles in good condition for the hip op.

    I also did a cardiac gym class once a week, until they were ordered to close. That also helped with muscle tone.

    My op can't come soon enough as 8 Zapain tablets a day only just keep the pain away.

    Stay safe everyone.🙂

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    Hi and welcome,

    It's great to meet you, you have come to the right place for information and conversation with others like you living one or more forms of arthritis

    There are many here more than happy to share their experience as you share yours.

    This link is for general information regarding any type of arthritis

    About arthritis


    Find out more about the different conditions, treatments and how to manage your symptoms.

    if you have a specific question please post in the Living with Arthritis discussion or for general chat in the Chit Chat discussion. Just join in wherever you feel comfortable


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    Hi StokeL. I'm also a newbie on here. I don't think I'm someone who is any use to give advice but I'm certainly good at listening if you ever need an ear and have personal understanding as I too have arthritis. Mine is in my spine and it makes me feel very uncomfortable and knackered most days.
    I'm looking forward to having many a natter with you.
    Thinking of you. Let me know how your doing.