Post Covid19 inflammation


I caught Coronavirus in Spain in March, since then I have inflammation in just about every joint in my body that I cannot seem to shift, under normal circumstances if I have a flare up I can sort it out with diet within a few days, however this has gone on and on with no end in sight. I'm on anticoagulants so can't take anti inflammatories, the Doctor has given me liquid morphine but even that's not really working. One knee is so bad I can barely walk! OK - winge over - just needed to tell somebody who would understand!


  • trepolpen
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    Hi , I had the virus in early april , on the goverment list & not been out my house since early feb but still got the virus

    I had severe RA & need loads of joints replaced , but during the virus several joint was hot & swollen , I am only now getting clear , , joints hurt but do anyway , left with chest pains which is not great

    think you need one of the DMARD's or steriods , I cant take anti-inflammatories because of asthma , try to talk to your GP of rheumatology department