Hello everyone

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B) Been another lovely day so went for a long walk. Suffering now though as knee is very swollen. Worth the pain though, got to keep smiling.


  • ajolly
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    Hi @Pammy,

    Welcome to the forum, thanks for popping in to say hello. Glad to see you are not letting the pain stop you from enjoying the lovely weather.

    Please feel free to join in across the forum, ask questions or call in for a cup of tea in Val's Café. You will be most welcome.

    Best wishes,


  • Mike1
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    I managed to hobble into the garden on my crutches to sit for an hour to enjoy the weather.

  • czkd
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    Hi Pammy. I'm so pleased you were able to get out and enjoy the weather. How are you managing your knee pain? Just trying to pick up some tips although my arthritis is in my spine.
    Some more nice weather is on its way so here's to fighting on and enjoying what we can.
    Take care.