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Hello I am not diagnosed yet. I spoke to my gp a week ago and she thinks i have Rheumatoid or spondyloarthritis in my spine. Sorry about spelling. I have blood test on tues and she has tried to refer me to a specialist. But they are not taking on new referrals at the moment with covid19. The GP has put me on codiene. I am unable to go on anti inflam tablets yet because of other meds i am on can cause stomach bleeds


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    Hi Angela1979,

    Welcome to the Online Community Forum.

    Hopefully the time is going quick for the day to come to have your blood test and in the mean time the codeine is helping you.

    Please have a look around the forums as there might be other members that have the same conditions.

    If you feel that you need to speak to some one please contact our helpline on

    0800 5200 520 or there is the versus arthritis website


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    Hi Angela. I'm new on here. I also have RA and struggle with painkillers because I'm on blood thinners. I use ibuprofen gel from the doctor which helps ease the pain a bit .