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Hello all,

I'm 44 and have osteo in both knees. They have both been operated on twice but I've been told I need replacement knees. In the last few years I have developed excruciating pain in my shoulders and elbows. It hasn't been diagnosed yet and I'm at a loss to what it is. The pain affects everything - sleep, movement, work... My knees hurt like crazy but these new symptoms are much worse. My joints seem to catch and it feels like they are partially dislocating. I'm at a loss because it doesn't feel like osteo. Hoping to get some advice here and it's always nice just to identify with others and their daily struggles.

I'm stuck in Spain at the moment but as soon as I can get back to the UK I'm going to be pestering the doctor to get this checked out fully.


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    Hi Magnetic

    Welcome to the Arthritis community,it's a shame you are in Spain at the moment as you need to go to your GP to see what they can do for you,sorry you are in so much pain as well. We all know what pain is all about as we all have various levels of pain and various forms of Arthritis it is good sometime to have others who suffer from the Arthritis to talk to. There are several forums the most popular forums are Living with Arthritis and Chit Chat and Vals Cafe very informal and will be happy to welcome you and help you through the forums

    All the best Christine

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    Hi magnetic. I can understand your problem. I don't have arthritis in my knees, however my knees are worn and make a lot of noise. From time to time I get what I call knee ache which leads to me not being able to walk for a while.
    My arthritis is in my spine but over time Ive started getting pain in my shoulders and they regularly click. Yes it does affect your sleep (as you will tell from this message lol) work and movement.
    I hope you are enjoying your time in Spain but wish that you are able to get back soon so the medical profession can look into this for you. It MAY be arthritis. Better to know.
    Please let me know how you go on. Nice talking to you. Take care and stay safe.
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    Hi Magnetic. I had really bad pain in my shoulder right down my arm and in elbows sometimes a dull ache couldn't raise my arm and continual pain. Xray showed bone spurs and rotor cuff problem in my shoulder. Had a quick operation to remove the bone spurs and repair the rotor cuff and a wash out amazed the pain was gone.

    I can still after 8 years lift my arm up straight and still no pain. Hopefully you can get yours sorted. Stay Safe