My excersice attempts

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OK so this is going to sound daft, so apologies.
I've had quite a run of being in a bad place with the pain and discomfort from the arthritis in my spine of late.
I decided to try and get moving rather than stagnating. So I headed out on my bike. Now on occasions when I'm feeling better and having good spells I cycle 15/20 miles. But it's been so long that was NOT going to happen! Anyway every day this week I have managed to cycle 3 miles into town and back. Yes I know that's not a lot and it sounds rediculous to be posting that on here but with the pain I'm in at the moment I'm over the moon and needed to share this with people who would understand.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


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    Brilliant achievement! Well done you! Doing any excercise when in constant pain is a huge challenge. Good on you. Be proud!
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    HI, I'm Karen, new to the site.

    It was so encouraging to read your post. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

    If you look on New Posts you will see my first post on 'Cycling'.

    I have arthritis in my back - hip and lumbar area and a long history of pain and relapsing, caused mainly through spending all my working life at a desk /computer. I've attended a chiropractor for 20 years.

    I am 60 this year and it was on my bucket list to get an e-bike. I have taken the plunge but my sisters say I'm mad, and that I will not be able to ride it because of my problems. But I won't give up. When I went to the bike shop, after being told 'no test rides' on the phone I hadn't got any cycling shorts on, and they said 'do you want to try it out?'. So I did. I only did about a third of a mile on a road, and that was two days ago. Since then I've been in quite a bit of discomfort, both in my hip and in the purse (!) having paid 2k for a bike!

    I now find myself feeling discouraged, but nevertheless I am going to try and take things slowly. See my chiropractor and get my back better (not been able to get treatment for 3 months due to lockdown) and carry on with my walks and stretches and see how I fare. After all, its not the end of the world is it? If I find after a year or two I can't sustain cycling I will have to consider selling it but want to see how it goes first. And it IS a beautiful bike!

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    I’m still trying to work out what exercise I can do, and it seems to be constantly diminishing. I’m almost certainly going to have to give up my “Pilates-lite” classes when they restart, as most of the moves would now induce agony, and I can’t spend half the class lying on the floor waiting for a move that I can do. Walks get shorter every time, and I think cycling would be out of the question for me due to the amount of hip movement involved. I’m waiting for our local hydrotherapy pool to open to see if that will work. Meanwhile I do a few LilyMary-friendly pilates stretches etc at home, but I do need to do more to keep my general fitness up and maintain the non-arthritic bits of my body.

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    Just do what you can. I find that shuffling on crutches from the lounge to the kitchen to make a brew is more than enough exercise!

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    Have you thought about one of those reclined bikes? I believe they are slightly better for our backs. I love my bike (a normal one), but do suffer with my back if I go too far or too often.

    My sis has an E bike and loves it but her problem is lungs not her back.

    Sending ((()))