Anyone on Etanercept

Hi, I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis about 5 months ago And was put on methotrexate. My condition kept worsening so I was put on Sulfasalazine aswell. This however is also not working so my rheumatology team has suggested I take Etanercept instead. I know this is an injection so just wanted to hear anyone else’s experiences with this as I’m slightly nervous about injecting myself! Also if it’s helped anyone’s symptoms at all?


  • Sophie98
    Sophie98 Member Posts: 29
    Etanercept was the second drug I was started on after I was diagnosed (age 10) along side methotrexate and they worked well together. I used to inject myself also and still do now with my current medication if there's any advice you need. I didn't have any side effects on it either. Hope this helps somewhat.