Before Lockdown I was getting some comfort for hip arthritis from swimming. Obviously that's out for now and consequently my pain levels have risen. Can anyone suggest alternative exercise that would help?
Thank you Stuart


  • Crookesey
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    Hi Stuart,

    I fully empathise with your dilemma, I used to run but started falling over prior to my diagnosis. What I can still manage is a circa 5 miles dog walk each morning, in my back garden which is the Peak District National Park. I stick to the paths, avoiding the hills, this works for me

    I’m a very positive person and concentrate on what I can still manage to do, which is still quite extensive. I will be 73 next month (God willing) and reckon that I would have grown out of most of my sporting activities even without a R/A diagnosis, I manage some activity in the garden each day, I’ve recently finished a 24 foot fence re-stain and am planning to paint the garage door. A weekly car wash is good exercise, however not for me as I drive a very tall SUV, which involves climbing a step ladder to clean the roof.

    As you are asking for suggestions I reckon that you are type of person that will find something, good look to you.

  • Inuitbiker
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    Hi Stuart
    Have you considered open water wild water swimming. Its a popular sport around here and I'm told that cold water immersion is good for your immune system which is obviously a bonus at this moment in time. I'm not too sure if the cold water would make your joint more painful though. Might be worth a try but probably better to follow open water safety advice when solo swimming.
  • crinkly1
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    I have widespread OA and also swim regularly as I'm unable to walk far enough without severe pain to count as exercise. I'm fortunate in also finding cycling both comfortable and pleasurable - using a static exercise bike or, especially on warm days, a bike with plenty of gears. As 70+ self-isolators my husband and I have just started taking our bikes to a quiet section of a local railway trail where the terrain is relatively smooth and level.

    I'm not attracted to cold water but the concept of wild swimming or sea swimming would be good in a wet suit.

    Hope you find something you can both manage without exacerbating your joint pain and enjoy.